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This is the most advanced version of the software program, and it is for experts. This program comes with 75 fonts, and it allows you to use TrueType (standard font format) fonts for your embroidery creations. You can also edit and change the shape of fonts. DigitizerMB allows you to add the following fill types: satin, weave, embossed, cross-stitch, contour, motif, radial and stipple (the creation of patterns using dots). Other features include the ability to create backstitches, to edit individual stitches and to add outlines to designs and letters. This program supports both BMP and JPG plus the following image formats: PNG (Portable Network Graphics), WMF (Windows Metafile), PCX (Personal Computer eXchange), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile).


Janome Digitizer Pro

The Digitizer Pro version of the software program is for intermediate to skilled users. It also uses a GUI interface, and it allows you to lay out hoop designs. It comes with advanced click-to-design features, which allow you to quickly create designs. It will adjust settings based on fabric type, and it comes with 75 font types. It also has small fonts, which you can use for micro-embroidery. Micro-embroidery involves creating very small designs and letters. Lettering features include the ability to create embroidered letters and monogram designs, and you can change the shape of letters. Digitizer Pro allows you to use different types of line stitches like single, triple, handwritten, candlewick (white on white stitching) and motif.

Janome Digitizer JR

If you are new to digitizing, enter the world of embroidery design with the New DigitizerJR Program! Janome's DigitizerJR software gives you the freedom to express yourself in stitches, monograms and more.. It has an auto digitizing system that allows you to take a .bmp or.jpeg design and make it a sewable design. Take the designs that you make or downloaded designs and lay them out in a multi design template which allows you to sew a design as large as 118 inches by 118 inches. With 11 different built-in fonts and the ability to create your own letters you can monogram almost anything. Have a design that is larger than your hoop? Then use the split design system to make it in to two parts and then sew it in the available giga hoop. This program is also fully upgradable at a later date if you decide that you would like to have even more capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get digitizing today and open up your own creativity!

Dakota Collectables

Dakota Collectables offers an extensive variety of outstanding quality embroidery designs and rhinestone transfers. 


Electric Quilt 7

The industry’s BEST quilt design software. Design your own quilts and block patterns. Audition your own personal fabric stash, embroidery designs and quilting designs on your quilt before you make it. Print patterns for foundation piecing, templates and rotary cutting charts. We do the math for you! Print your fabric yardage too!
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